Digital and Social Media Marketing

Digital and Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

End to end social media management on any platform is a very important task for any business which wants to climb the social ladder. Used effectively, it can quickly become a very cost effective marketing resource of your complete marketing plans. It can enable you to execute your marketing plan with great accuracy, targeting the customers you want to target.

A Mobile App is an extension of your already varied communication and business needs. Along with the regular channels by which you can increase your functionality and get a greater reach in your customer base, a mobile app in today’s mobile age is a great asset to have in order to get a greater customer reach and generate a large amount of business from your target demographic.

Social media in today’s world is a must have resource if you want to get your business soaring. In that regard, SoftStudioz has all the resources you might need in order to go high on the social media graph.

Digital marketing is more than just spending your funds on various ad campaigns. It is a detailed and planned strategy that aims at getting the most out of what is available. In order to get the right target market and customer, we do a detailed analysis of what our customers need and then provide a number of solutions on how to achieve what is needed.

With various founts of data, we can come up with an optimized strategy for marketing so that we can pull in the largest amount of customers and build a greater customer base than with traditional marketing techniques.

Social media being a great qualifier, not only for customers you are targeting but also customers whom you need to target, becomes a valuable resource in order to grow and achieve the heights you need. Nowadays with Social Media beign as big as it is and as prevalent in our lives, an optimized strategy targeting this platform will yield huge results.

Selecting the correct platforms

A common mistake that businesses tend to make is that more important than a business being on all social media platforms, what matters more is that the social media platforms selected are being viewed by the range of customers that the business wants to target.

For a Fashion Store, Instagram would be more effective than Twitter. In this case, posting regularly on Instagram will yield better results than posting the same amount on Twitter as well. In choosing the social media strategy it is vitally important to select the right platform in order to target the right audience.

Timing Plays a Key Role

A key point to being on Social Media is knowing your target demographics’ timing on social media. Knowing when your audience views the social media streams is a key component of your posts. You want to be giving updates and making new posts when your target audience is more likely at that time to be viewing those updates. This creates a regularity in the audience’s mind and promotes them to view your content on a regular basis.

Selecting Type of Ads

A business needs to not only put up an Ad for its benefit but it needs to put up the RIGHT kind of Ad to have maximum effectiveness for its purposes. Platforms like Facebook have options for several Ad types and a business needs to choose the perfect type for their purposes. Professionals can help a business get through the complications of choosing through parameters like user preferences, time of post, region, cultural environment and many more.

Frequency of Posts

An important point here is that a balance needs to be set between the quantity of content posted and the quality of said content. By spamming large amounts of content without quality to them, the benefit to that will decrease with time. Also, if the posts have a good quality but which may not be frequent will have a greater impact than a large amount of frequent posts. Finding the sweet spot between quantity and quality for the business is the job of professionals.

Quantity is Important But Engagement is Better

The basic objective of any social media marketing is to showcase the business services and/or products leading to sales. On any social media platform, there must be an interaction between the business and the target audience. With a proper engagement with the right kind of audience, you will benefit from a relation with the audience you have in mind rather than just showcasing the business to an audience which is ambivalent.

It’s Okay to talk about stuff not exactly related to your business

Brand engagement should be more than just posting about all you new products or services. Engagement goes a long way when the brand itself engages their audience on a more personal level. Posting about things that matter to the audience goes a long way towards building a great relationship with the audience. Instead of only focusing on the services you can provide, it helps to also engage with topics that your audience will respond to.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization has evolved in many ways in the past decade and search engine algorithms are getting smarter by the day. One aspect of this which has remained unchanged and holds a strong relevance in terms of search rankings is “Back Linking” which will always continue to play a vital role in search rankings.

SEO is also crucial as it reduces your marketing expense by leaps and bounds. We at SoftStudioz offer detailed SEO services as per the requirements of any business, with packages that are built to suit all kinds of needs.