Enterprise Backup and Management

Managed Backup services from SoftStudioz ensure your critical data is always protected, even in the event of a disaster. A backup and management strategy plan involves an exhaustive examination of tools, thorough planning that delivers all the hard work.

Managing network traffic during backups

Backup and verification operations can create significant increases in network traffic. This can lead to reduced performance of your servers and all of the segments of the network involved in the backup. One solution to the problem of course is scheduling backups at a time when network usage is low, like before or after hours. Since this may not always be possible, you can perform backups in smaller incremental steps during normal hours.

Business Data Backup Options

These offers the ultimate in data protection by backing up the entirety of a system’s files and folders. Everything is stored as part of a set, so keeping track of backups is a pretty straightforward affair. On the downside, this approach often takes a toll on storage and bandwidth, not to mention the time it takes to run a full backup.

These contain the files that have been added or changed since the last full or incremental backup. This allows for shorter backup windows and typically requires less storage space since it builds upon an existing backup. One disadvantage of using this method is that it takes longer to restore data from an incremental backup since it requires a full backup and subsequent incremental backups to retrieve the desired data.

Differential and incremental backups may sound similar, but they serve different purposes. Differential backups will contain files that have changed since the last full backup, an approach that saves storage space since only a full backup and the last differential backup is required for restoring data, versus a full backup and multiple incremental backups.

Finally, synthetic full backups are typically used in situations with tight backup windows. It takes data from a full backup and incremental backups to create another full backup, blending the benefits of each backup type, namely completeness and lower resource impact, respectively.

Benefits of Backup Management

Easy to configure and easy to manage, our recovery solution can restore a lost file from as much as 30 days back, so you don’t have to worry about failing to retrieve that lost file, even if you accidently delete it and empty the recycling bin.

If your hardware fails, your data can be restored in just a matter of hours. In the event of a hard drive failure, for example, the exact data can be duplicated to a new hard drive and get you back up and running as soon as the transfer is complete.

Your data can be made disaster-proof with offsite replication to our data center. Even if your internet connection is slow, our replication is reliable and sends your files to our safe, secure data center, protecting it even in the event of fire, flood or other natural or man-made.